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  • 2612
  • Kirlin Adapter
  • 3.5MM TRS M - 1/4" TRS F 
  • Nickel Plated 
  • Swivel mechanism allows 90 degree turns to properly fit your ear angle
  • Compact, fashionable design available in black or white to match your instrument
  • Gold plated stereo plug and 2-meter cable for easy, convenient connection
  • Comfortable listening for extended periods
  • Premium string and neck lubricant and string cleaner for all stringed instruments
  • Silicone free cleaner is liquid in an applicator, not a spray
  • Use it on strings, fretboard, back of neck
  • Lets fingers slide freely and keeps strings clean
  • High quality three piece coloured descant recorder starter pack
  • Recorder cleaning rod and carry bag with drawstring
  • Themed fingering chart with handy 'starting to play' tips, tailored for children and parents.
  • Kids love stickers! the pack comes with 60 peelable themed stickers with which to decorate the recorder and music
  • Easy to understand 'starting to play...' tutor book and cd to begin playing straight away
  • Optimized for Tenor Ukuleles tuned to standard G-C-E-A tuning
  • Black precision rectified nylon ensuring that the roundness and dimension control of each string are unsurpassed
  • Preferred for their warm and long lasting tone
  • Tenor Ukulele, Black Nylon, Aluminum Wound, Non-Ball End
  • String Gauges: Black Nylon .028, .036, .032 Aluminum .036
  • Available in C D E F G Key
  • 5 Year Bamboo Material 
  • Handmade with Engraving 
  • Quality and Durability 
  • Jade Tip for sound stability 
  • Straight to right angle 1/4" metal connectors 
  • Nickel plated contact 
  • 24 gauge Copper-Calad Aluminum Magnesium alloy (CCAM)
  • CCAM spiral shielding with 80% coverage
  • Black (BK) PVC jacket with 6.3mm outer diameter
  • Floor-based guitar multi-effects processor with easy analog control
  • COSM preamp section derived from the flagship GT-100 processor
  • Includes BOSS's new MDP technology
  • Dedicated knobs for each parameter for easy tweaking
  • 8 footswitches and an expression pedal
  • Phrase Loop function with 38 seconds of delay time
  • BOSS Tone Studio software lets you edit and organize tones via your computer
  • Solid metal case built to withstand abuse
  • Renowned BOSS tuning quality in an affordable clip-on tuner
  • Features Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, and Ukulele tuning modes
  • Convenient reference pitch function (A=440 Hz)
  • Runs for up to 25 continuous hours with a CR2032 lithium battery
  • Auto off function to preserve battery life when the tuner is not in use
  • Energy efficient
  • Compact design
  • Input: AC voltage 120V, 60 Hz
  • Output: DC12V 1.5A
  • Weight: 170g
  • Original Yamaha Adaptor
  • DTX402 Drum Trigger Module: 10 Kits
  • 287 Drum/Perc & 128 Keyboard Sounds
  • KP65 Kick Pad & 3-Zone Snare Pad
  • Hi-Hat Controller with Hi-Hat Pad
  • Stereo drum sounds 
  • Free iOS and Android apps "DTX402 Touch"
  • "Rec'n'Share" 
  • Genuine Product Guarantee 
  • Made in USA 
  • Element Shield Packaging Prolongs string life
  • Rich Expressive Sound
  • Excellent Clarity
  • A free-reed instrument similar to accordions and harmonicas
  • pianica includes a shock-resistant
  • double walled
  • blow-molded case 
  • mouthpiece & blowing pipe
  • G1X FOUR offers over 70 built-in effects
  • 13 amp models for simulating classic rigs
  • Up to 5 effects can be used simultaneously, chained together in any order
  • Looper for recording up to 30 seconds / 64 beats of CD-quality audio with seamless start and end times
  • ZOOM Guitar Lab software for creating, editing and managing effects and patches
  • 68 built-in rhythm patterns which can be used in conjunction with the Looper
  • Auto Power-Off 
  • Power Saving Reliability
  • Display reverse mode 
  • Highly accurate and ultra-responsive
  • Easy-To-Read Display
  • Simple, convenient clip-on style 


  • 2615
  • Kirlin Adapter
  • 1/4" TRS M - 3.5MM TRS F
  • Nickel Plated 
  • Ultra-wide frequency response
  • High dynamic range
  • High-resolution capsules
  • 1/8" connector plus 1/4" adapter included
  • Single-sided cord
  • Oval-shaped ear cups
  • Comfortable headband
  • Black Finished
  • Safe 
  • Easy 
  • Durable
  • Made with High Quality materials
  • Fits in well with item
  • 100% Brand New
  • USA Company
  • World-class dreadnought acoustic guitar
  • Outstanding quality and value
  • Hand-finished construction
  • Select tonewoods for amazing sonic performance
  • Slightly shorterned scale-length for ease of playing


  • Hear the Difference
  • Ear Bud Upgrade
  • Sound with Style
  • Lightweight Listening
  • Adapter Included for Musical Instrument 
  • 49 full-size keys, 50 song bank tunes, compact configuration
  • Melody on/off lesson function
  • 100 quality tones
  • 100 versatile rhythms with auto-accompaniment
  • Easy-to-read display (lcd)
  • D'Addario's best selling bass guitar set
  • Round wound with nickelplated steel for a distinctive bright tone with clear fundamentals
  • Fits long scale basses with a string scale length of up to 36 1/4 inches
  • Made in the U.S.A. for the highest quality and performance
  • String Gauges: Wound .045, .065, .080, .100
  • Environmentally friendly, corrosion resistant packaging for strings that are always fresh
  • Fit For All Brand 
  • With Yamaha Logo 
  • High Quality 
  • Over-The-Top, Saturated Distortion Tones
  • For Hard Rock & Metal
  • Three-Band EQ
  • Semi-Parametric Mid Control
  • 9V Battery Included
  • New York manufactured
  • High carbon steel alloy for unprecedented strength
  • Improved tuning stability 
  • Get in tune faster, stay in tune better
  • More presence and crunch to cut through the mix
  • Plain Steel .009, .011, .016, Nickel Wound .024, .032, .042
  • Corrosion resistant packaging for strings that are always fresh
  • Affortable 
  • Durable 
  • Quality 
  • Premium Design
  • Straight 1/4" metal connectors 
  • Nickel plated contact 
  • 24 gauge Copper-Calad Aluminum Magnesium alloy (CCAM) 
  • CCAM Spiral shielding with 80% coverage
  • Red PVC jacket with 6.3mm outer diameter
  • Optimized for Concert Ukuleles tuned to standard GCEA tuning
  • Pro-Arté Custom Extruded Nylon for highly accurate, laser sorted treble strings
  • Concert Ukulele, Pro-Arté Custom Extruded Clear Nylon, Non-Ball End
  • String Gauges: Nylon .028, .0322, .0403, .028
  • Made in the U.S.A. for the highest quality and performance
  • Equipped with high-precision tuner function and metronome function. The two functions can be used simultaneously.
  • The display is approximately 1.3 times the size of the previous model (TM-50), allowing the tuner and metronome to be shown simultaneously.
  • Backlit LCD ensures excellent visibility even in dark locations.
  • LCD needle-type meter detects the pitch instantly, providing the excellent response that you expect from KORG.
  • A wide detection range of C1–C8 supports a broad range of instruments.
  • Calibration is adjustable to match various concert pitches.
  • Marks are provided to indicate pure major and minor third intervals.
  • Sound Out mode and Sound Back mode are great ways to train your ear.
  • Metronome features a wide tempo range from 30 to 252 beats/minute. Choose from three types of tempo settings and 15 rhythm variations.
  • Long-life design with approximately double the battery life. (Compared to the KORG TM-50, in tuner mode with backlight off)
  • Convenient memory backup function and auto power-off function.
  • Further improvements in ease of use, including a newly designed stand and battery compartment cover.
  • Available in black or white, two simple and timeless colors.
  • Separately sold CM-200 contact mic allows even higher tuning precision. The lineup also includes the TM-60C which is packaged with a CM-200 in a color that matches the body of the tuner/metronome unit.
  • Through post rotating cradle.
  • Height adjustable with cushioned yoke and cradle.
  • Security strap for safe storage.
  • Collapsible neck.
  • Plastic feet.
  • Keyed shaft on cradle so it won't accidentally come out.
  • Welded tube for cradle mount is keyed for easy and secure assembly.
  • Fixed yoke with drop down security gate.