Lava Me 2 36 Inch White Electric Acoustic Guitar with Freeboost Effect & Speaker (Free Boost)
Price RM2,999.00
Product SKU Lava Music - Lava Me 2 White
Brand Lava Music
Size (L x W x H) 100 cm x 50 cm x 20 cm
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  • FreeBoost Pickup
  • Undersaddle Piezo + Microphone
  • 1 Volume knob, 1 Reverb Knob, 1 Effect Knob
  • Build in Effect - Chorus/Delay/Reverb

LAVA MUSIC believes in this future:

The guitar in your hand can be made lighter and easier to play, and it can make a loud and clear sound without fear of climate change and increase in Durability.
Curved honeycomb mesh designed
From the natural to the efficient and stable honeycomb structure, combined with the mechanical simulation design, the groundbreaking cellular respiratory network was born. The ultra-light panel makes your plucking strings more extraordinary. The curved honeycomb structure provides you with a dynamic sound.
Super AirSonic - New generation of carbon fiber materials
The sound is crisper and help you to add your interpretation to your music. The weight is unchange and the flexural modulus is increased by 20%. Let us design a thinner and lighter panel with crisp, pure sound.
FlyNeck neck system - Parametric neck design
FlyNeck's geometry uses parametric design principles and is designed to change when the force is applied to different positions. Pressing chords and switching positions is now smooth and natural.
Plek Technology 
Plek is the world's leading research and development organization for string processing instruments. The pitch of FlyNeck is precisely controlled by the Plek machine. Based on the amplitude of each string, Plek first scans with an accuracy of 0.005 mm and then performs ultra-high precision grinding of 0.01 mm, resulting in an exceptionally comfortable pitch of the LAVA ME 2.
Triple Durability - Consistent feel
FlyNeck makes LAVA ME's efficient structural design exceptionally sturdy.Redesigning the interior and adding two special high-performance carbon support trus rod to give you a comfortable feel.
Unibody guitar design
The one-piece-body integrated molding technology pioneered by LAVA in conjunction with multi-sectors redefines how guitars are made. LAVA ME have a close-knit body with reduces the number of glued parts and gives it superior acoustic conductivity and increase resonance.
Born to accommodate all-weather 
AirSonic is not afraid of climate and humidity changes. 
Unprecedented design,
LAVA ME is approximately 30% more effective than the standard panel.
Build in Speaker and Effect
The LAVA L2 pickup incorporates the new FreeBoost technology, which uses the panel as a source of amplification. Just turn on the switch, you don't need to connect the amp, you can achieve reverb, delay, chorus effect, adding unlimited wonderful to the performance.
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