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Malaysia Virtual Drum Competition
11 September - 27 November 2021


  1. Registration 

Register your interest for the 2021 competition and pay for the registration fee  


  1. Record

Start recording your solo and upload the video to YouTube and Facebook between the video submission date


  1. Judging Process

Our Juries will judge your drum solo video


  1. Winner Announcement 

Winner will be announce by our juries on 11th of December 2021 8pm Malaysia time

Register for the Malaysia Drum Competition 2021

Early Bird Promo - RM45 (On or Before 11 November 2021)

Grab your entry here https://bit.ly/37HgN43


*All Participant will be getting T-Shirt, 1 Pair of Drumsticks, Drum Key and Certificate of Participation

*Please note that this payment was not considered as a registration fee. However,the payments made act as purchasing a pair of drum sticks from the organiser.

*Only participant who purchase are allow to join the contest



Division 1 

Junior  – age 12 and below


Division 2 

Intermediate  – age 13 till age 18


Division 3

Open –  age 19 and older


*All age based on year of birthday in year 2021 - will not look at the birthday date and Month

*Any participant with the discrepancy of age might be disqualify 



  • Open to all Malaysian Citizen or foreigner who reside in Malaysia (with Malaysia)

  •  Participant is not a party to any endorsement or entertainment contracts that, in the Sponsor’s determination, conflict with the spirit of the contest.

  • All Participant only allow to participate in ONE division with One video


Drum Video

  • Video must not more than 7 Minutes 

  • Video must be High Definition (HD)

  • Participant can only submit 1 video throughout this competition

  • Upload the video to Facebook with #Hashtag
    Division 1 - #MVDC21D1 #lbsmusicworld
    Division 2 - #MVDC21D2 #lbsmusicworld

    Division 3 - #MVDC21D3 #lbsmusicworld
    *** If without hashtag judges will not able to view the video

  • All the video with the #hastag above, the organizer will have the right to reuse the video for marketing and judging process 

  • Recording device need to be stationary (No changing angle, No multiple Camera, No movement )

  • Participant must be unmask and easy to identify in the video

  • If you are using digital drum, make sure only select acoustic like drum kits and only 1 drum kits are allow throughout the video 

  • No edit on the audio and video

  • Recording equipment like drum mic, mixer, audio interface and recorder are allowed

  • Angle of the video - Shooting from side, hand and drumsticks are visible & face is shown

How To Make Drum Covers - Articles

Judging criteria 

Participants will be marked out of 100 on 3 Categories, including Performance (40%), Presentation (30%) and Musical Ability & Technique(30%). Participants will be acknowledged for their scoring. With the agreement of the jury panel, the finalist with the highest score will be the winner. The decision of the jury panel is final.

Performance (40%)

Groove, Creativity, Musicality & Interpretation, Originality 


Presentation (30%)
Showmanship, Production Quality, On screen presence (engagement)


Musical Ability & Technique (30%)

Technical skills, development skills, soloing skills



Division 1 
Winner -  Istanbul Agop IXS3 XIST Cymbal set (RM2415)
1st Runner - Dixon PP-P1 Single Pedal (RM300)
2nd Runner – Istanbul Agop 10” MSXSP10 Splash Cymbal

Division 2 
Winner -  Nux DM210 Digital Drum (RM2599)
1st Runner - Dixon CS554ST Snare Drum  (RM480)
2nd Runner - Istanbul Agop 12” Xist splash (RM405)

Division 3 
Winner - Nux DM7X Digital Drum  (RM3880) 
1st Runner - Dixon PDSCST654PTS Snare Drum (RM1450)
2nd Runner - Istanbul Agop XIC18 18” Xist Crash  (RM550)

Like to Win Award

Winner - Casio G'Z Eye GZE-1

1st Runner - Yamaha HPH-50W

2nd Runner - Casio LTP-V004D-7B Watch




Biography of our Judges 

Danny Chen, Edwin Boon, Vincent Choo

Danny Chen

Danny started his musical journey with Yamaha Electone at the age of 7yo. Along the way he learned and picked up other instruments. His interest in drums began when he started playing in Church. Since then he was exposed to various performing platforms, from youth concerts, charity to musical productions.

While in college, he was approached to be involved in music education and teaching drums.  He found passion in teaching and began to explore effective and appropriate teaching pedagogy. Eventually he completed his Rockschool drums grade 8. Later, he pursued and attained Rockschool teaching diplomas and was coaching others. His involvement in Rockschool led him to organize Malaysia’s first drum camp in 2014.  

Having taught for 20 years, he had the privilege to pass on his knowledge to equip and train drum tutors and students. His passion in teaching and love for music brought him to various places conducting music workshops, camps and seminars. His vision is to see the younger generations of musicians to be properly trained and educated.

He founded the School of Drums  in 2014 with the vision to provide and nurture drum teachers to excel in teaching careers. At the same time providing quality music education to the community. He takes pride in his professionalism and constantly benchmark his processes and performance to ensure high quality teaching and outcome.

​In 2019, LBS Music World and Dixon Drums Company endorsed him as Dixon Artist for his recognition and contribution to drumming education. He continues to deliver education that inspired and motivated drummers to be the best of themselves.  


Edwin Boon

I'm an enthusiastic drum educator and passionate YouTube drummer based inMalaysia. I began playing the drums at the age of 13, and currently perform musical concert tours with local artists. I also feature as guest players among ensemble groups, gig performances, and wedding performances. Also conduct online drum lessons and workshops for young aspiring drummers.


  • Drum Educator

  • Band Coaching, Management andConducting with Mr Ong Kin Leng

  • Band Arrangement, Music Approachand Conducting with Mr. Nonami

  • Drum Masterclass with Mr. Zak Bond(New Jersey), Mr. Russ Miller (LosAngeles), Mr. Hiroyuki Noritake (Japan),Akira Jimbo, (Japan), Juan CarlitoMendoza (Perth Amboy) Benny Greb(Germany) and Anika Nilles (Germany)


Dixon Drums, Meinl Cymbals, Alpha Drumworks, Aquarian Drumheads, Roland


Vincent Choo


1990 Started Playing School Band as percussion - Drummer

2004 - 2009 Started Learning Acoustic Drum

2009 Took Exam LCM ( London College of Music Examination )Foundation Grade in Music Performance Drum Kit Grade3

2008 - 2015 Started Teaching at Chopsticks Talent School Kuala Lumpur – Rock School Syllables

2010 - 2015 Started Teaching at – Yamaha Malaysia Music (Claris Music Sdn. Bhd.)

2011 - 2015 Started Teaching at – Yamaha Malaysia Music sdn bhd (Encord Strand Mall Branch ) - 1 Day a week.

2011 Participate Yamaha Drum Camp -Organized by Yamaha Music (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd.

2012 Participate Yamaha Pop Camp -Organized by Yamaha Music (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd.


2013 Professional Development Rock School - Participated course of study prescribed in Stylistic Approach

2013 Finish Yamaha Grade Examination - Drums Grade 6 (Distinction)

2013 Participated course of study prescribed in Rockschool Teacher Course

2015 Started teaching at Yamaha Johor Bahru- MASAI MUSIC CENTRE SDN BHD

Performance Experience

2016 Yamaha Drum Key Teacher

2017 Owner of Dreamroom Music Studio



  • LCM ( London College of Music Examination )

  • Foundation Grade in Music Performance Drum Kit Grade 3

  • Yamaha Grade Examination - Drums Grade 10-6 (Distinction)

  • Yamaha Certification of participation - Yamaha Drum Camp 2011

  • Yamaha Certification of participation - Yamaha Drum Camp 2012

  • Yamaha Grade Examination - Drums Grade 6 (Distinction)

  • Rockschool Professional Development - Stylistic Approach Course

  • Rockschool Professional Development - Teacher’s Course


Attended Master Class with 

  • Mr Zak Bond from New Jersey

  • Mr Hiroyuki Noritake from Japan

  • Mr Russ Miller from Los Angeles, CA.

  • Akira Jimbo from Japan


Dixon Drums, Baquestas Liverpool Drumstick and Istanbul Agop Cymbals



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